Blue Apron’s “Farm Egg” makes me question everything

Farm egg.

It may seem as simple as just that. An egg. The food that Atkins and Paleo diets made popular once again. The food that draws one of many dividing lines between vegetarians and vegans. But this particular egg is one of the more layered, even scrambled (if you will), symbols of Silicon Valley startup-dom.

It’s easy to dismiss the Yo’s of the tech world as outliers, but much harder to look at the overall impact of our tech darlings when it comes to the betterment of global society.

Blue Apron’s “Farm Egg” has me asking these questions. Is Uber creating a million jobs only to eventually take them away with self-driving cars? Is Tinder empowering a generation to meet someone in the digital age or creating a generation of promiscuous, lonely…

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