Facebook snatches up team from Eyegroove, a musical selfie app

The team from a startup called Eyegroove, a “musical selfie” app, has joined Facebook. According to a message on the company’s website, most of the small team who worked on the app will now be focused on building new experiences for Facebook users that will help them to “create, share and connect.”

Founded in late 2013, the Eyegroove application was the brainchild of Scott Snibbe, an interactive media artist who worked on Bjork’s Biophilia app, acquired by MoMA. Eyegroove was aimed at helping users make their own, high-quality videos using their smartphone. As Snibbe explained in a 2014 interview, the idea behind Eyegroove was to be an “Instagram for interactive music.”

eyegroove-2-ws-385editLaunched to the public a couple of years ago, Eyegroove worked with SoundCloud, allowing…

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