Fred Destin leaving Accel to focus on Seed and earlier-stage investing

Fred Destin, one of European VC’s biggest personalities, is leaving Accel, the London-headquartered VC firm he joined from Boston’s Atlas Ventures in mid 2014, to focus more on Seed and earlier-stage investing.

Specifically, I understand  that the plan is for the Belgium-born VC to create his own franchise, either with a team or as a solo GP, “focused on very early-stage financing”.

“I am leaving shortly, though you’ll likely still find me in Accel’s office, as my partners have kindly offered to host and support me as I prepare this next stage,” Destin tells me, confirming his exit.

“Changes in my personal life have led to a lot of radical self-inquiry over the last few years, and I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to build a new brand and focus on the…

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