iPhone 8 Plus loses its camera crown: One-lens Pixel 2 snatches it with record score


DxOMark testing finds the Pixel 2 features very good color rendering.

Image: DxOMark

The iPhone 8 Plus’ brief reign over the smartphone camera world is over, according to mobile camera-testing outfit DxOMark.

The iPhone 8 Plus may have set a new standard for smartphone cameras in DxOMark’s tests last month, but now the one to beat is the single-lens Pixel 2.

The Google phone got an overall score or 98, topping the dual-lens iPhone 8 Plus’ and Galaxy Note 8’s 94. The first Pixel attained a score 90 and was the top camera phone until the iPhone 8 Plus arrived.

The Pixel 2 features a 12-megapixel main sensor, dual-pixel autofocus, optical image stabilization,…

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