Kickstarter Needs Better Ways To Sanity-Check Complex Hardware Projects, Says Zano Review

At the back end of last year, it emerged that crowdfunding platform Kickstarter had commissioned a freelance journalist to report on the collapse of a high profile U.K.-based drone project that is also the highest funded European project on its platform to-date.

The journalist, Mark Harris, has now published the finished article — as a Medium post, entitled How Zano Raised Millions on Kickstarter and Left Most Backers with Nothing.

Quick catch up on the details here: the Zano selfie drone Kickstarter attracted more than £2.3 million (~$3.25M) in pledges back in 2014, from some 12,000 backers, but spectacularly failed to deliver on its promises of autonomous flight and advanced swarming features.

The handful of drones that eventually shipped lacked key features touted in the…

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