Parking Kitty makes parking in Portland adorable

Portland, Oregon, continued to keep it weird (and cute) this week when it rolled out Parking Kitty, a new app that lets you pay for metered parking. The app is based on Passport, one of the largest parking payment vendors in the United States. “We didn’t make a lot of changes,” said Malisa McCreedy, the parking division manager at the Portland Department of Transportation. “But we did put our local face on it.”

And that face is adorable. Parking Kitty has a cat-faced icon and a feline theme. When you pay, it purrs. When your meter is about to expire, it meows. “We wanted something that was not too automotive-tied and was a more universal app,” McCreedy said. “What could we do that was fun and memorable?”

The challenge, McCreedy said, wasn’t in the branding. PDOT…

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