Router Company Luma Acquires A Smart Home Security Provider

As routers get smarter we will expect them to do amazing things: protect our networks, filter bad stuff, and even make margaritas. But Luma, the fan favorite Wi-Fi router has bought Nodal Industries to help your router protect your home.

Created by Marcus Eagan and Bruce Kleinman, Nodal raised $200,000 from 500 Startups and others before selling to Luma for an undisclosed sum. The team uses a “database of threats combined with behavior analysis” to identify viruses and malware on a network. It can actively block malicious activity and will work directly with Luma’s intrusion detection to bolster the company’s security offering.

“Marcus had been doing non-security consulting with Target on analytics and data integration when a networked HVAC system and a pair of compromised…

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