Toonstar lets you bring cartoon characters to life thanks to facial recognition

John Attanasio, CEO of Toonstar, said his goal is to create “a new Cartoon Network.”

Attanasio and his co-founder Luisa Huang were both executives at Warner Brothers, so they both worked under the same corporate umbrella as the Cartoon Network. Attanasio said the key to Toonstar’s approach is to create animated content that’s “mobile, snackable, interactive.”

Specifically, the startup’s iOS app allows users to customize cartoon characters and then animate them using their own facial expressions. The resulting cartoons can be livestreamed (both on Toonstar itself and other services like Facebook Live, YouTube Live and and viewers can interact by adding their own animations, such as dropping an anvil into the scene.

This may remind you of animojis, the emojis…

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