Uber’s API Now Lets Other Apps Add A “Ride Request Button”, But Not Competitors Too

Uber’s latest growth strategy is to colonize the mobile app landscape with its new Ride Request Button. Launching today, iOS and Android app developers can more easily plug in an SDK with a few lines of code to add a Ride Request Button to their apps that deep-links into Uber’s app. In exchange for the literal traffic, Uber will pay US developers $5 for each first-time rider they refer. Previously, developers had to hassle with building custom deep-linked integrations.

One catch is that Uber’s policy bans developers from also integrating hooks into any other competing car service, like Lyft.

Uber In Zomato And Transit

Examples of custom Uber API integrations in Zomato and Transit App (from left). Now with the Ride Request Button, developers can more easily integrate the Uber API

Uber wants developers…

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